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A way to flavor rice is to substitute the water by using chicken broth or beef broth if you desire an intense flavor. If you must eat an oxalate-free diet, there are chicken and beef broth with low sodium in most shops.

If you wish to cook the rice quicker than traditional methods, put the rice in a pan, cover it and bring the rice and the liquid to the point of boiling. Instead of turning down the temperature and letting the rice simmer until the liquid has gone let the rice boil. Be sure to watch the pan to prevent the rice from overflowing.

After the liquid is gone remove the pan from the flame. Set it aside for five minutes, allowing the water to evaporate. Examine it using a fork to determine whether it's cooked and suitable for eating. You don't have to be concerned about cooking too long for the rice using this method. However, if you must cook rice quickly, this method can cut the traditional cook time by half. There are a variety of ways you can play around with basmati. There is no correct or incorrect method of cooking this flexible rice. Once you've had a while, you'll be able to come up with some fantastic recipes that you can make your own.

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