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Ways to Write Essay Introduction

An essay is divided into three important parts and that are the introduction, the main body and a conclusion. The introduction comes in the beginning of an essay followed by the main body and lastly a strong and convincing conclusion is written to wrap up the entire essay. All these elements are extremely important to structure an essay in a logical way. If any of these elements are missing from an essay it has no substance and is incomplete. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips to write an essay introduction. Read on the best essay writing service reddit to find out how the essay introduction is written.

Start with a Question

It is very important when writing an essay introduction to grab readers’ attention in the beginning and to do that you can start your essay with a question as to evoke curiosity among the readers. A question is something that leads readers to search for the answer and for that the reader is compelled to read the essay further. It also helps make your essay more interesting. Always make sure that your essay has a very strong beginning so that you can entice the reader into reading the whole essay.

Introduce Key Points

Once you have a strong beginning you can introduce all the key points related to the topic of the essay. Avoid writing anything in detail yet as that can be done while you are writing the essay body. Just introduce the key points one by one with a brief background.

Write the Thesis Statement

Write a compelling thesis statement as to provide a meaningful objective to the readers. A thesis statement helps set a goal for your essay and it determines why the reader should read your essay in the first place.

The essay introduction is a microcosm of the entire essay and by reading it the reader should be able to know what is coming ahead in the essay.

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